Medieval Festival of Ibiza city 2019

During the second week of May the old town of Eivissa, known as Dalt Vila which literally means Upper town, is celebrating The Medieval Festival. Ibiza relives the medieval era during 4 days every year. It commemorates the declaration of Ibiza, by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site on December 1999. The event is focused on the culture that have shaped the essence of Ibiza, and the civilization that have passed through the island such as  Phoenicians, Romans ,Arabs and Christians.

The old town return in 16th and 17th century and the ancient streets are decorated and everyone will dress up to celebrate their history in this style.


The Medieval Festival offers a market with more than 150 points of sale where you can find traditional local products (cheese, wine, spices, soaps, etc.), jewellery, toys, handmade decoration and etc.







Be ready to see and enjoy local entertainment and performances including theatre shows, music, magic shows with: witches, wizards, choral concerts, acrobats, artists, belly dancers, clowns, jugglers, knights, princesses, princes. Along all those activities there is special set up of restaurants and drinks points.

As you see the Medieval Festival include cultural spirit, market place, entertainment, food and drinks. There are more than 50.000 visitors each year and not only residents of the island. For anyone who planned their vacation in the beginning of May this event will be a great experience, plus there is no need to buy any tickets and entries or make any reservation. It is totally free.

This year the festival will take place from 09 May to 12 May 2019.

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